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About us

OÜ Stoneplus is an enterprise which deals with the sale, the installing and the processing of different natural stone products. Our collective is led by the founders of the company who have worked on this level for a very long period of time. The company has more than 15 years experience in the mining and the processing of local Estonian limestone, also with imported natural stones (like granite and marble) from which are made different facades, fireplaces, kitchen-, vanity tops and so on. We are able to offer you expert service from the consultancy in choosing the right natural stone until reaching to the best and fine-looking results together with later protection and maintenance.Our main aim is to offer the high quality environment with the reasonable price and the client friendly service, also for finding the right resolution for more complicated details.

We have very large range of materials – limestone, dolomite, granite, marble, quartzite, flagstone, and the products made from above named stones: facade – and socket stones, fence and fence posts, stone roofs, fireplaces and window sills, floor tiles with different shape and processing, mosaic floors, inner – and outer stairs, kitchen – and bathroom planes. In addition to named decoration products we have more products for your beautiful gardens: from natural stone made garden equipment, fountains, flower beds and flowerpots, garden lights and decorative stones, and to build footpaths different stone plates of free shapes and cut into measurements.

In case you don’t have to hand your own architect or interior decorator we with pleasure ready to help you here as well.

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